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Private Equity

Start looking beyond Wall Street.

Private equity gives investors the option to diversify their retirement portfolio with unique investments — from companies that are start-ups to ones raising capital for expansion, as well as real estate ventures and investment partnerships — all on a tax-advantaged basis. With a self-directed IRA, you can invest like a venture capitalist.


Private equity investments can range from partnerships investing in a real estate venture to high-risk, high-reward investments in start-ups. It all depends on when you plan to retire and how you want to diversify your portfolio.

Private equity investments are commonly formed when raising capital for:

Private start-up company stock

De novo bank stock or bank capital raise

Expansion of an existing company

Acquisition of an entity

Purchase of a commercial real estate property

Building of a multifamily residential complex

Oil & gas or energy ventures

Hedge fund investments

Onboarding a new private alternative investment to STRATA's platform starts with a pre-custody review to ensure we can custody the asset.

Investment Onboarding

Advantages of private equity investing

Investing in private equity certainly isn’t for everyone, but for those who are particularly knowledgeable in their field or have a knack for spotting companies on the rise, private equity can make a great addition to your retirement portfolio.

High-level benefits:

The ability to turn your personal knowledge into an investment for your future

The choice to tap your IRA when an opportunity arises to invest in private companies and entities

Diversification of your retirement portfolio

Buy, sell and exchange equity without tax consequences

How to invest in private equity

There are three primary ways to invest in private equity through a self-directed IRA at STRATA Trust Company:

Private company stock of a closely held corporation

Private limited partnership

Private limited liability company (LLC investments must be multi-member; single-member LLCs are not permitted.)

How to get started

Overview the onboarding process and open your new STRATA IRA.

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Fund your IRA with a transfer, rollover, or annual contribution.

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View the Private Equity Investment Checklist to gather the documents needed to direct funds to your new investment.

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Talk to a self-directed IRA professional.

If you have questions about self-directed IRAs and private equity or if you’re ready to open an account — don’t hesitate to reach out.


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