IRA Paperwork Made Easy

You now have two options when using STRATA’s Service Forms

Option 1 ServiceNOW

Print plus email, fax, or mail

Secure Online Transmission

STRATA’s self-service resource lets you complete, sign and securely electronically transmit your service requests to STRATA. For the fastest form submission process:

Manual Submission

We are updating our forms library with ServiceNOW technology, so check back often. In the meantime, forms having only the open/download symbol must be completed manually:

  • Click the symbol and type in your email address.
  • Follow prompts to complete all required fields.
    • You may also provide supporting documentation (if applicable) – click the expandable menu at the top right to see attachment options.
  • E-sign and transmit all items directly to STRATA in one click.


  • Click the symbol and complete the fillable fields.
    • Click “Print” at the top right of the form and physically sign the completed document, or
    • Some forms have a digital signature option – look for the red “Sign” option next to “Print” to add an e-signature.
  • Once your form is completed and signed, you must physically submit the form to STRATA by email, fax, or mail as indicated on the form.

Click on the appropriate form section to expand the menu of forms available.

Open a Traditional, Roth or SEP IRA


Open a Crowdfunding IRA


Purchase, Transfer or Rollover An Investment

Withdraw From Your STRATA IRA

Account Maintenance

Investment Maintenance


Need Help?

Should you require assistance or any type of accommodation in completing our forms please contact our Client Services Team at 1-866-928-9394 or by email to