Reviews and Testimonials

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying


Google 5-Star Review – “There appear to be a few companies out there vying for your business as a self-directed IRA custodian. I’m happy to report that it appears I made an excellent choice by going with STRATA. I have found them to be responsive, timely, professional, polite, and very much engaged in assuring that my business gets conducted quickly, but also correctly. All these attributes are important, not just financially, but also because they protect commitments I make to third parties with whom I invest. All that at a competitive fee structure.”

— Creighton S. 


Google 5-Star Review – “How will I tell the best companies from the average companies? In my opinion, a company finds ways to provide superior services to its clients, in a timely fashion. STRATA Trust Company is such a great company that deserves my five star plus reviews. It provides me with superior services with respect, fastest responses, and finds ways and solutions without any delays. For example, Ms. Christine ensured my email was addressed in a timely fashion, she forwarded my email to her team, send the files to me using Office 365 encrypted messages to delivery to me. Those kinds of actions demonstrate STRATA Trust Company’s commitments for its clients, considerate and passionate in providing the best services anyway possible. Thank you for your great works!”

— Shuhai Z. 

Google 5-Star Review –
“Excellent company and the staff is always available to answer questions or concerns. I have found they are just as responsive and professionally courteous at the end of the day as they are at the start of the day. This is not always the case in life – but it has been my experience with STRATA Trust, this is true, and simply illustrates a desire and business acumen to help their clients…Put them to the test, you will experience this yourself.”

— Les M.


“STRATA Trust significantly eases investment on CrowdOut’s private debt platform and has been a great partner as we have grown our investor base. The STRATA team offers best-in-class customer service to both us and to investors that are exploring a tax-efficient way to invest in the diverse range of alternative investments.”

— CrowdOut Capital, Investment Sponsor


“My favorite part about working with STRATA is the people there. Their accessibility, knowledge, competence and friendliness create an environment that allows investors to succeed in their financial goals.”

— Warren J.


“I am so glad I found STRATA Trust and made the decision to diversify my retirement portfolio to include real estate. The stock and bond market can now go up and down all it wants to and I can sleep peacefully at night knowing that a chunk of my IRA money is invested in single family rentals, which produce rental income monthly and over time increase in asset value as well. STRATA has made it possible for me to own a piece of the Texas pie within my retirement IRA.”

— Connie R., Realtor


“What I like most about working with STRATA Trust is the knowledgeable and responsive client services team and their desire to assist customers with new investments they may be interested in pursuing. That is refreshing. STRATA Trust has given me the tools I need to invest for my future.”

— Tony K.


“Due to STRATA’s efficiency I am able to make investments that I otherwise would not have been able to make and have the peace of mind that I am in strict compliance with all IRS requirements.”

— Allan R.


Client testimonials reflect the experiences of individuals who have used STRATA Trust Company products and/or services. These individuals are not paid endorsers of STRATA and have not received any discounts or compensation for sharing their opinions. All thoughts and opinions expressed by testimonials participants are solely theirs and do not reflect the opinions of STRATA nor reflect a specific inducement to make a particular investment.