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Before you can start directing an investment, you must fund your STRATA Trust Company ("STRATA") IRA. Discover the best way to fund your self-directed IRA while reducing your tax exposure when initiating a transfer or rollover.

How long does funding take?

When funding your IRA account, it is important to understand the processing timelines of your current service providers. Each of the three funding methods (transfer, rollover, or annual contribution) has its advantages and timing requirements.

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  • Direct Transfer
  • Rollover
  • Annual Contribution


A direct transfer is the movement of IRA funds or assets directly from one IRA custodian to another.




It’s important to remember when transferring assets in-kind (other than cash), the assets must be something that STRATA will accept and hold.

In under 5 minutes, you can securely remit investment information and upload documentation to ensure STRATA can custody the asset.  Go to Investment Onboarding to search by investment type, preview documents needed, and overview the general timeline.

A direct transfer usually takes about 10-14 days and is dependent on your current IRA service provider’s processing times.

You may be able to reduce the funding time if you request overnight delivery, wire transfer of cash, or make arrangements with your resigning IRA custodian to process electronically.

The IRA owner never takes possession of their retirement funds or assets through a direct transfer. Funds/assets are transferred from one institution to another.

  • The main advantage of a direct transfer is that there is no tax liability or IRS reporting with the distribution.
  •  In most cases, a direct transfer is a simpler option as it avoids having to comply with the 60-day rule and the possibility of incurring taxes and penalties.



Once your STRATA IRA is funded, the next step is to direct your investment. You can find helpful articles about the process in our Self-Directed IRA Knowledge Center. STRATA has over 350 years of expertise in the custody of alternative assets. If you have questions, ask us anything!


Turn the payment of your IRA fees, including transaction fees, on cruise control with AutoPay. It’s an easy, hassle-free way for handling routine payments of your STRATA account fees. Enrollment is easy and only takes a few minutes.

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