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Retirement Planning Calculators

Retirement planning is a critical part of your retirement journey – no matter your age. The calculators below can help you plan for how much income you will need in your retirement and help you see how long your current or anticipated retirement savings will last.

Retirement Income

Use this calculator to determine how much monthly income your retirement savings may provide you in your retirement.

Retirement Savings

Use this calculator to see how long your retirement savings will last based on your retirement savings and inflation-adjusted withdrawals.

IRA Comparison Calculators

Discover the right IRA for your specific needs. Plug in your numbers and compare how your savings will differ over time.

Roth vs. Traditional IRA

See the differences between Roth and Traditional IRAs in regards to your anticipated savings.
Traditional IRA vs. Taxable Savings

The Traditional IRA calculator will show how contributions to a Traditional IRA may help you in your retirement.
Roth IRA Conversion

The Roth IRA Conversion calculator will show the advantage, if any, of converting your IRA to a Roth.
 Roth IRA vs. Taxable Investments

Compare a Roth IRA investment to an ordinary taxable investment.

Investing and Savings Calculators

Calculate how your tax-advantaged accounts compound over time and how your anticipated investment value may grow.

Taxable vs. Tax-Deferred vs. Tax-Free Investment

The Taxable vs. Tax-Deferred vs. Tax-Free Investment calculator is designed to help compare a normal taxable investment, a tax-deferred investment, and a tax-free investment.
Future Value 

Determine the future value of an investment – this can include an initial deposit and a stream of periodic deposits.

IRA Withdrawal Calculators

Determine your RMD  for the current year or see if you are eligible for an early penalty-free withdrawal with the 72t calculator.

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

Use the RMD calculator to determine your RMD for the current year. The IRS requires that you withdraw at least a minimum amount from some types of retirement accounts annually, starting the year you turn age 72 (73 if you reach age 72 after Dec. 31, 2022).

72(t) Withdrawals

The IRS Rule 72t allows for penalty-free, early withdrawals from retirement accounts. Use this calculator to determine your allowable 72t distribution and how it can help fund your early retirement.

*Please note that all financial calculators require a JavaScript-enabled browser. Information and interactive calculators are made available to you as self-help tools for your independent use. We cannot and do not guarantee their accuracy or their applicability to your circumstances. We encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues.




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