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It's your future.
Start directing it.

A self-directed IRA gives you the opportunity to invest in what you know and what you believe in — so you can
carve your own path to retirement.

Seize your opportunities.

Your Financial Future Starts Here

At STRATA Trust Company, we’ve made our reputation by empowering independent-minded investors with a wide array of investment options. Explore new investment possibilities and see what’s possible when you take control of your investment portfolio.  Discover your next opportunity.

What Sets Us Apart:


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Unlock Unlimited Opportunity.

With a self-directed IRA, you can use your personal knowledge, business expertise or social awareness to invest in a wide array of opportunities, while enjoying tax-advantaged growth.

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Real Estate

Turn your industry knowledge into an investment.

Precious Metals

Bring balance and diversity to your retirement portfolio.


Fund an investment you believe in, from marketplace lending to private equity.

Private Equity

Invest in a privately held company.

Take Control of Your Portfolio.

A self-directed IRA is very similar to other IRA accounts, the primary difference being that you can control what you invest in and how you invest in it.

See how easy it is to get started:

Step 1

Choose your investments.

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Step 2

Choose the type of IRA
that fits your needs.

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Step 3

Choose how you want
to fund your account.

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