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Take the next step toward retirement

Once you’ve opened an account, you can easily start directing investments — bringing you that much closer to your retirement goals. As a reminder, all IRA accounts are fully self-directed by the account owner, which means account owners are responsible for all investment decisions. But if you’re here, chances are you already know that, which means you’ve come to the right place.



ServiceNOW is STRATA Trust Company’s new self-service resource that makes our most needed services available to you 24/7.

Open an IRA account, select IRA beneficiaries, request an IRA distribution, electronically sign and submit forms, and more – all in a secure environment and all with the click of a button!

Here are your two options for opening an account:

Open an account online

Tell us what you will be investing in or holding in your account.

Print and send

Download our IRA Kit, fill out the paperwork and send to us by fax, email or US mail.

Download IRA Kit

Additional Questions?

Give us a call. One of our self-directed IRA professionals will walk you through the process. 866-928-9394

What you need to open an account

Please have the following documents available when you open your account:

Social Security Number

Driver’s License or Valid Government ID

Email Address

Beneficiary Name*

*Including social security number, date of birth and mailing address