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Real Estate Transfer Special Offer

Make Your Move Now.


Trapped by a mediocre real estate IRA provider?

Whether it’s service issues or you simply want a more experienced, accessible team that knows the ins and outs of holding real estate in a self-directed IRA, STRATA will make it easy for you to transfer your IRA-owned property from your current IRA provider at no cost.


Special Offer Terms

STRATA will waive your account set-up and first-year annual fee, plus pay your IRA termination fee with your current IRA provider when you open an IRA with STRATA and initiate a direct transfer by 9/30/2018*.  We’ll handle the details for you (including recording the custodian name change with the county).

* Annual Account and Asset Holding fees will apply in year two in accordance with our current IRA Fee Schedule, and will be billed on the anniversary of your account opening. Processing and Services Fees for future transactions are not included in this offer. Third party lender fees for debt-financed property are not included in this offer.

To qualify, you must open a new IRA with STRATA and initiate a direct transfer of your directly-owned real estate holdings (in-kind) from your current custodian by 9/30/2018.


What Else You Should Know

  • What will my annual IRA fee be after the first year?

Annual Account and Asset Holding Fees will be billed on the first anniversary of your account opening as outlined on our current IRA Fee Schedule. (Directly-owned real estate falls under our Flex IRA fee tier.)

  • How do I get started?

Click here to get started. You’ll need to use the special forms provided in the link.

  • What other documents must I provide to STRATA?

The process has been streamlined to make it easy for you. However, there may be additional documents for you to complete for the name change to STRATA. We will contact you if additional information or documents are needed to complete this.

  • Who will pay the county recording fee for filing the name change?

STRATA will pay the county recording fee for filing this name change.

  • How long will the transfer process take?

Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for your current custodian to transfer the property to your STRATA IRA, and for STRATA to record the name change with the county.

  • What’s the naming convention used for property held in my STRATA IRA?

STRATA Trust Company, Custodian
FBO (your name) IRA
PO Box 23149
Waco, TX 76702

  • How should the payment of my real estate expenses with STRATA be handled?

You will need to complete and remit our Expense Payment Authorization form, along with a copy of the invoice, by fax or email (as indicated on the form). You may access our Expense Payment Authorization form here.

  • Does STRATA charge a fee to process my real estate expenses?

No, STRATA does not charge to send a check or ACH payment for your real estate property expenses. However, a wire fee would apply if you request we remit the payment by bank wire.

  • Where do I access other service forms for my STRATA IRA?

Please visit the Forms section on our website.


Have Questions?

Contact our Client Service Team at 866-928-9394, Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5:30 pm Central Time, or email us at [email protected].

We look forward to working with you!