You Will Love Our New Look!

New year, new statement! We’ve refreshed our quarterly statements to bring you additional information and clarity. Listed herein are the new sections or enhancements to current sections that provide additional detail.

1. Account Fees Due: We’ve included any fees currently due at the very top.

2. ADR: The statement will now also list your Account Designated Representative (ADR) with contact and phone number.

3. Messages and Announcements: The statement will list any pertinent messages and announcements.

4. Beneficiaries For This Account: We’ve added a detailed list of your beneficiaries.

5. Account Relationships: You’ll see a detailed list of your account relationships.

6. Email Addresses and Phone Numbers on File: Listed here is the current contact information that we have for you.

If any of the information in sections 4, 5, or 6 is incorrect, please give us a call at 866-928-9394.

7. Alert(s): We’ve also added an alerts section to notify you of actions needed on your part. If you see any alerts listed, please contact us.
8. Reportable IRA Activity Summary: This section shows a detailed activity summary for your reportable IRA transactions.
9. Cash Activity: In this section, you’ll now see detailed descriptions of any fees that you’ve paid. No more ambiguity of fee descriptions! You may also see a new “Fee Details” section describing any applicable fees.
10. FOR PRECIOUS METALS INVESTORS ONLY. In the Misc Asset section, we’ve added in the spot price and the location information so you’ll know exactly where your metals are being stored.
For any questions about your newly designed statement, give us a call at 866-928-9394.