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ten tips for ira rollovers

10 Tips for IRA Rollovers

Rolling over retirement savings from a former employer’s retirement plan to a self-directed IRA can have many benefits, including the freedom to invest in a broad range of alternative investments....

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UBTI and UDFI Tax Considerations for IRA Owners

IRAs are a great shelter for growing investments tax-deferred (in a Traditional IRA) or even tax-free (in a Roth IRA). However, there are instances in which the income produced by...

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Have You Turned in Valuations for Your Alternative Investments?

Alternative investments are sought after by self-directed IRA investors for many reasons, including the opportunity to invest in tangible assets and assets whose values are not tied to the stock...

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2020 IRA Deadlines

It’s A Date! Managing Your Self-Directed IRA in 2020

Each year seems to fly by faster than the year before. Important dates and deadlines can swoosh past with little warning. To help you manage your self-directed IRA in 2020,...

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IRA Power of Attorney

Who Will Manage Your IRA If You Can’t?

“Hope for the best but prepare for the worst” is a motto many people live by. Having a plan for protection against unknown future possibilities can be comforting. Common measures...

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Why investing in alternative assets makes sense in a self-directed ira

Why Investing in Alternative Assets Makes Sense in a Self-Directed IRA

The bull market for stocks is now 10 years old, having bottomed out in early March of 2009 in the wake of the financial crisis. While the direction of the...

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