STRATA In the Community: Waco Cultural Arts Fest

Waco Cultural Arts Fest

Engaging with art is essential to the human experience. Almost as soon as motor skills are developed, children communicate through artistic expression1. STRATA Trust believes in supporting the arts and arts education in our communities. Waco is lucky to have events centered on arts education, like the annual Waco Cultural Arts Festival. This three-day event brings families together to experience the fun and beauty of the various types of arts, such as dance, music, theater performances, arts and crafts, and film.

STRATA employees volunteer each year by assisting with the massive set up for the event that typically hosts 15,000 attendees, as well as assisting with post-event break down and clean up.

“One of the most important elements in the success of Waco Cultural Arts Fest is the support of the community,” said Doreen Ravenscroft, Festival Director. “Area businesses give their time and effort to ensure the festival is an enjoyable and fun experience!”

STRATA Trust Volunteers at Waco Cultural Arts Fest


About the Waco Culture Arts Festival

The Waco Cultural Arts Festival is an event dedicated to fostering understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity. The festival strives to encourage a sense of community by exploring cultural traditions through various art forms. The three-day festival features a diverse lineup of attractions and events including live art demonstrations, live music and theatre, and dance performances. For more information about the WCAF, visit