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STRATA In the Community: University High School “Make A Wish Come True” Program

STRATA Trust gives to UHS Make A Wish Come True Program

Continuing a tradition of supporting causes that are important to us and to our community, STRATA Trust once again supported University High School’s annual “Make A Wish Come True” Program to help youth in our local area experience the joy of Christmas.

Students, from elementary school age through high school age, are asked to write a short essay, “If I had $100 for Christmas, What Would I Buy, And Why?” UHS representatives say that most kids request jackets and blankets because of the cold weather. Some even ask for school supplies. Rarely do they ask for items for themselves and instead request items for their parents or siblings. Even more surprisingly, they seldom ask for toys.

From an essay they have received:
“I do not want anything for me for Christmas. All I want for Christmas is for my little brother and sister to have a blanket and jacket. It is so cold at night and we do not have heat. A blanket will keep my little brother and sister warm at night. Also, they do not have a warm jacket and they need a warm jacket to wear to school.”

“Without support from STRATA Trust some of our students wouldn’t have a Christmas,” says Mike Chapman, UHS Soccer Coach and lead for the UHS Make A Wish Come True program. “STRATA’s donation of gift cards will help us to reach our goal of granting over 300 wishes this Christmas.”


STRATA Gives to the Make A Wish Come True Program at University High School

Pictured L-R: Mary Olivarez, UHS Director of Community Service; Amanda Efird, STRATA Business Development;
Kelli Click, STRATA President;
Mike Chapman, UHS Soccer Coach; and Ricky Edison, UHS Principal

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