STRATA in the Community: Daniel’s Story

Daniel was born with Beta-Thalassemia Major, a disorder that causes the body to produce less hemoglobin than necessary to live a healthy life. This condition requires frequent blood transfusions to survive and does not guarantee a normal lifespan.

Daniel receives blood transfusions every 21 days and is able to lead a happy life thanks to the donors in his community. Daniel’s mother Allison is extremely grateful for this opportunity of life. “Every unit of blood you give is a story that is able to be told because of you; you’ve given life, you’ve given a gift not only to the recipient but to every single person that knows and loves that recipient,” Allison says.

Did you know the donation process takes less than an hour to complete? For every one pint that is donated, you can save three lives! Daniel is just one of many stories that demonstrates the never-ending demand when it comes to blood supply.   

Carter BloodCare has put several incentives in place, known as Dedicated Donor Rewards, to help encourage more donations throughout 2022. They also strive to educate people on the importance of donating blood on a regular basis by providing incentives for donors and sharing stories like Daniel’s. 

Like other blood banks across the globe, Carter BloodCare, one of Texas’ largest blood centers, is in desperate need of regular donations. STRATA hosted Carter BloodCare’s donation bus on Monday, June 13, 2022, and was able to impact 45 lives in Central Texas and hopefully provide new and existing families in need with a story of hope and healing.

2022 STRATA Blood Donors (from left to right): Mary Bickham, Crissy Forrester, Lee Ann Priebe, Mylene Erwin, Pamela Boyd, Christine Kling, Jeff Thompson, Isabella Suasa, Laura Howard, Christy Jaynes, and Summer Garza (not pictured).



For those who are interested in learning more about blood supply levels and which types are needed most in their communities, Carter BloodCare has an up-to-date chart where you can view blood supply stats on their website.

If you are looking to spread awareness, host a blood drive, or simply volunteer, you have many options to get involved. Individuals looking to donate can schedule a time at a donation center of their choice. Many banks now include enhanced COVID-19 precautions. Those that are interested in hosting a blood drive can connect with the blood bank of their choice to find out the details. Learn more about Carter BloodCare, their lifesaving mission, and the Texans they serve.