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STRATA in the Community: CASA of McLennan County and the Salvation Army

We are all truly #BetterTogether. Volunteering our time and resources to causes we are passionate about is how we leave a lasting impact on our communities. STRATA Trust Company was privileged to assist CASA of McLennan County and the Salvation Army in their fundraising efforts for 2021. 

CASA of McLennan County

CASA of McLennan County relies on volunteers and generous donors of both time and money to ensure that the 47,913 children in Texas Foster Care are supported and have an advocate in situations of abuse or neglect, if needed.  CASA and its network of invested, compassionate Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteers are dedicated to act as a “voice in court” to ensure each child has an opportunity to thrive in a safe and loving home. 

CASA’s mission is to provide a trained volunteer, also known as a Court Appointed Special Advocate, for every abused and neglected child in the counties they serve so that these children may ultimately thrive in safe, nurturing, and permanent homes. CASA is making a difference – one child at a time. CASA volunteers are individuals from all walks of life who speak up for a child’s best interests in court. Read about CASA’s amazing stories and volunteers on their News and Events section.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army thrives on the generosity of its donors and volunteers. In 2021, they served approximately 30 million people, you can read more about their stories and the great work they do in the News & Media section of their website. 

A well known organization with programs such as Emergency Disaster Relief services, Rehabilitation services, Toys for Tots, Angel Families and much more – the Salvation Army enlists the help of generous donors and volunteers to provide for adults and children in need. Their motto of “Doing the Most Good” is their ultimate goal, and the Salvation Army is able to continue this mission through contributions of time, money, and resources from those involved with their fundraising, administrative support, and programs and services.


With over 800 children in Central Texas foster care alone, CASA is able to serve over 200 of those children.  Each year organizations and individuals alike can support these children by providing a CASA Christmas. In lieu of STRATA’s typical gift-wrapping marathon contribution, which is currently on hold due to COVID-19, we delivered gift cards for these very special groups of kids in McLennan County. 

STRATA also was able to aid the Salvation Army’s mission this year with monetary donations, dispersed between their Central Texas and Austin sites. With 82 cents of every dollar donated directly allocated to services that assist people in need, the Salvation Army has the resources to turn monetary donations into life-changing assistance for those seeking support.  

Opportunities 365 Days a Year

If you are looking to support CASA of McLennan County, you can do so with a monetary donation or through volunteerism. Additionally, if you would like to make an impact beyond Central Texas, there are more than 1,000 CASA programs across the United States.  

You may also find additional information about supporting the Salvation Army here. Serving more people in the United States than ever before,  financial support, item donations, and volunteers fuel the impact they have throughout the United States.