STRATA In The Community: STRATA Employees Help Save 51 Lives!

Every three seconds, a person needs blood and a donation of one pint can save up to three lives. There is a limited supply, blood cannot be manufactured and is completely dependent on volunteer donors. Throughout the global pandemic, donors have not had the ability to give, and the blood banks are currently at a 30-year low.

Like other blood banks across the globe, Carter BloodCare is in desperate need of regular donations. STRATA hosted Carter BloodCare’s donation bus on Friday, September 17, 2021, and was able to donate a total of 17 pints of blood, potentially saving 51 lives!

Never-Ending Demand

Although not widely known, sickle cell diseases impact more than 100,000 Americans. Nina Simone White, who battles sickle cell anemia – an inherited blood disorder, that only blood transfusions can treat and one that has no foreseeable cure – is a regular recipient of blood donations. As of June 2021, Nina has received over 160 transfusions, she just celebrated her high school graduation and is on her way to nursing school. Nina’s mom accredits these milestones were made possible by the generous volunteers that donate blood regularly. “Nina has to receive blood transfusions indefinitely and never have we walked into the hospital when they said ‘We don’t have the blood,’ but we understand that can happen if blood is not donated” said Ms. White.

Nina is not alone, one in seven hospitalizations will need blood. The need includes moms that have had difficult childbirth like Amy Prideaux, anemia patients, older adults, trauma patients and cancer patients just to name a few. Those who are interested in finding out what Central Texas community blood supply levels are can view stats here. Those outside the Central Texas area can connect with thier local blood donation centers to find the most current stats. 


What Can You Do?

If you are looking to spread awareness, host a blood drive or simply volunteer you have many options to get involved. Individuals looking to donate can schedule a time at a donation center of their choice. Many banks now include enhanced COVID-19 precautions. Those that are interested in hosting a blood drive can connect with the blood bank of their choice to find out the details. Learn more about Carter BloodCare, one of Texas’ largest blood centers, thier lifesaving mission and the Texans they serve. 

We Truly are #BetterTogether!