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STRATA in the Community: Food for Families

The holidays are an extremely busy time for food banks throughout Texas. Fortunately, each year various organizations come together to help collect food and keep them stocked through the winter...

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Can I Save More in 2022?

If you’re saving for retirement in a tax-qualified vehicle like an IRA or an employer’s retirement plan, you probably understand the tax benefits associated with these types of accounts. You...

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According to Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC),  2021 was record- breaking for data security breaches involving companies like Android, Facebook, and many more well-known organizations. While no organization is without...

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DIY Investing? Tips & Resources to Avoid Scams

Self-directed IRA investors have found success with unconventional investments that oftentimes are able to outperform conventional mutual fund returns. With higher-return potential comes a greater risk of not only loss,...

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Do You Have An RMD Strategy?

When you reach age 72, the tax laws require that you take annual payments from your IRAs and workplace retirement plans. These required minimum distributions, or RMDs, have drawn a...

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STRATA In The Community: STRATA Employees Help Save 51 Lives!

Every three seconds, a person needs blood and a donation of one pint can save up to three lives. There is a limited supply, blood cannot be manufactured and is...

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