Important 2019 Deadlines for IRAs

  • STRATA will mail your Form 1099-R if you received an IRA distribution or completed a Roth conversion in 2018.
  • If you are a Traditional IRA account owner and turned 70½ last year, but you elected to defer taking your first required minimum distribution (RMD), you must take your first RMD payment by April 1. (You are also required to take the current year RMD by 12/31.)
  • If you have an IRA-owned investment with UBTI or UDFI tax due, send your completed 2018 Form 990-T to STRATA, along with your instruction to pay the tax owed (prior to the April 15 filing deadline).


  • Establish a Traditional or Roth IRA for your 2018 contribution (if not already opened).
  • Postmark and mail your 2018 Traditional or Roth IRA contribution.
  • Employer contributions to a SEP IRA for 2018 must be made for every eligible employee’s IRA account by the tax filing deadline, including extensions. (SEP IRA contributions are reported in the year received by STRATA.)
  • Deadline for filing your 2018 Form 990-T and remitting your UBTI/UDFI tax payment to the IRS (must have your prior instruction).
  • Remove prior year excess IRA contributions.

MAY 31

  • STRATA will mail your Form 5498 if you made an IRA contribution for 2018.


  • Remove excess IRA contributions for the prior year.


  • Traditional IRA owners must take their entire current year RMD amount to avoid a 50% penalty (Traditional IRA account owners that turn 70½ during 2018 have until April 1, 2019 to take their first RMD payment).
  • Convert a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.
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