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Welcome Aulon Arch, Inc. Investors



Aulon Arch has chosen STRATA Trust Company (“STRATA”) as its custodian of choice to offer tax-deferred Self-Directed IRAs as a simple way to invest in its platform.

Aulon Arch shareholders who invest through a STRATA self-directed IRA will have a STRATA-dedicated team that they can speak to about opening, funding, and investing in Aulon Arch’s platform through their Self-Directed IRA.

If you already hold an investment with Aulon Arch in an IRA and would like to transfer the account in-kind,
please contact Jeff Estes of Aulon Arch at 512.944.9043.


Step 1: Contact Aulon Arch regarding your interest in establishing an IRA account with STRATA Trust Company to invest in the Aulon Arch platform.  You may contact Jeff Estes of Aulon Arch at 512.944.9043.

Step 2:
Establish a new self-directed IRA account with STRATA via the IRA Custodial Account Application. The application takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Step 3:
Complete a transfer request form that allows STRATA to initiate the transfer of funds from your existing IRA to your new STRATA IRA account.

To transfer cash, complete the IRA Transfer Request form.

Step 4:
After the account is funded, Aulon Arch will provide you with the STRATA Investment Direction form. Once completed, Aulon Arch will forward the document to STRATA Trust for processing.

The account listed on the Aulon Arch platform must be in the name of the IRA and not the individual investor name.
The registered account name should read as follows:

STRATA Trust Company, Custodian FBO (STRATA Accountholder’s name) IRA (Account #)

Step 5:
STRATA funds your Aulon Arch investment.



Dedicated Account Service Contact

Mylene Erwin

Relationship Manager

866-255-1931 mylene.magdaraog@stratatrust.com

Meet Mylene

  • 17+ years' experience in the banking and self-directed retirement industry
  • Enjoys connecting with people
  • STRATA Bedrock Award winner for Service First and Client Centric
Business Development Contact

Patrick Hagen

National Director of Business Development

512-945-9078 patrick.hagen@stratatrust.com

Meet Patrick

  • 16+ years' in the self-directed retirement industry
  • Enjoys educating and teaching others
  • Featured speaker and contributing author for national publications
About STRATA Trust Company
• Customer-focused technology
• Competitive fees and complete fee transparency
• Robust regulation by state and federal banking regulators
• Solid expertise in the custody of alternative investments
• Unmatched personalized service and dedication


STRATA Trust Company has been designated by Aulon Arch, Inc. to offer Self-Directed IRAs as an easy and efficient way for individuals to invest in Aulon Arch’s offerings. STRATA serves only as a directed, passive custodian and does not provide financial, tax, or legal advice. STRATA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Horizon Bank, SSB, and has no affiliation or ownership with Aulon Arch. In addition, this website should not be viewed as an endorsement by STRATA, and prospective investors should complete their own due diligence before investing.